Cookies Policy

Meaning and use of cookies

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by websites. Cookies provide useful information to a website, as storing and recovering information about your navigation habits or about your computer and may be used to identify the user depending on the information contained and the way you use your computer.

This website, as most of other Internet sites uses cookies to improve and optimize the user’s experience.

Please find below the detailed information about the types of cookies used in this website, as well as how they can be disabled through your browser settings and how you can block any cookie from any website.

Types and uses of cookies in this website

The use of cookies allow us to give you a better navigation experience and to adapt the information and services offered to the user’s interests.

Cookies are used in a permanent or temporary way (session cookies). Permanent or persistent cookies can be stored in your computer or mobile device max. 24 months.

We use our own cookies as well as third-party cookies to collect statistic information from data provided by their use. The cookies used in this website are:

  • Analytic: These cookies are used to store information about the use made by visitors of our website. We use this information for reports and to improve our site. These cookies are only associated to an anonymous user and their computer or device and never allow us to know any personal details. We collect the number of visitors, how long their visit lasts, the type of browser used, the type of computer, as well as the visitor’s origin and the visited pages.

Cookies processing

All the information obtained by cookies processing is treated by the website owner.

What happens when disabling cookies

You can set up your browser anytime to change or block the installation of cookies but this may cause that some of our website functions will get disabled and you may have limited access to some of our content.

How to disable or delete cookies

You can use your browser settings to allow, know, block or delete cookies installed in your computer.

You can find information about how to do it in case you use any of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android (Google), Windows Phone (Microsoft), Blackberry.

You can also delete cookies easily from your computer or mobile device through your browser setting. For further information check the “Help” option on your browser. You can disable cookies or receive a message anytime a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile device.

There are tools available which allow users to track down on any website visited and to manage how to disable them. (for example, Ghostery).